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Welcome to the new section of the Capoeira Luta da vida blog - In English!

This section is as much for our international members as for capoeirstas around the world. Here you'll find important information about our training and events, as well as some basic information about us, Capoeira Luta da vida.

First out - the schedule for spring training i Göteborg, Sweden (Jan 18th - June 4th 2011).

Please note that the open training has moved from Saturdays to Fridays at 19.00-20.30. This is partly due to our new project (Mångfaldsprojektet), which means that we now give capoeira classes six days a week to fourteen different groups. Our trainers need at least one day off per week, and the only possible day for them to rest is Saturdays. Since we're only tenants, we must follow the landlord's rules when in the local. For this reason, along with the insurance company's policy,  we cannot allow members to train alone, without an instructor, on Saturdays.     



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